A Street Art Guide to San Miguel’s Art District: Guadaloupe

September 17, 2017

Colonia Guadalupe
I took my third trip to San Miguel de Allende in July to meet up with Lauren from Northern Lauren and Kiona from How Not to Travel Like a Basic Bitch before heading on our road trip in the states of Queretaro and San Luis Potosí. 
The previous weekend we were in town for a friend’s birthday and the city was super packed as it was the end of July; the prime vacation season for Mexicans. All the parking structures were full and we ended up parking far from the city center in the neighborhood of Guadaloupe. While driving around searching for a parking space I spotted a ton of art murals and knew Lauren would be stoked to check out this area when I was to meet her the following weekend.
Colonia Guadalupe

As it turns out we ended up booking our accommodation in Guadaloupe, when Lauren talked me into staying at a hostel. Our hostel was a bit far from the city center and took about 20 minutes to walk into town. While I usually wouldn’t mind having to take a 20-minute walk to reach the town it is a downright transgression if you are visiting the beautiful city of San Miguel de Allende, which was voted the #1 city of 2017 by Travel and Leisure.


San Miguel de Allende
If you are going to spend your vacation and money visiting the “Heart of Mexico” you should DEFINITELY stay close to all the action.

Since I lost my mind and ended up staying in a hostel, life was quick to remind me why I don’t do that.
1. A man managed to sneak his way into our SHARED women only room and grope his girlfriend in the early hours of the morning. I will spare you the details. 
2. Also, we chose to book this specific hostel for their enclosed parking and they only let me park my car in there once.
3. There was mold in the bathroom.  

What about the cost you ask? Isn’t it cheaper to stay in a hostel? No, not really. We each paid $40 for a bed in a shared room and you can easily book an Air BnB for the same price with the added benefit of privacy and security. Don’t believe me? Check out these beautiful Air BnBs
 all for under $40 close to the heart of the city here, here, and here
While I wouldn’t recommend booking your accommodation in Guadaloupe, I would definitely recommend visiting Guadaloupe for its beautiful and unique street art, which is exactly why I created this post. This neighborhood was designated the first art district in San Miguel de Allende. 
Colonia Guadalupe
Muros en Blanco (Blank Walls) Project 

The Muros en Blanco (“Blank Walls”) project opened the Colonia Guadaloupe Art District in late March. The urban street art project showcases the work of young artists from around Mexico and from other countries (Chile, Argentina, Canada, Germany and the United States) who were participating in conjunction with local artists to promote the new art district and support tourism in San Miguel de Allende.

A key aim of the project is to channel youthful energy and talent, from graffiti to vibrant art that both artists and the community can take pride in. They hold a festival twice a year called Muros en Blanco which focuses on promoting the development of Public Art and the recovery of spaces, especially in Colonia Guadaloupe. This means that the art is continuously changing as different artists participate in the festival twice a year.


Colonia GuadalupeColonia GuadalupeColonia GuadalupeColonia GuadalupeColonia Guadalupe

Colonia GuadalupeColonia Guadalupe

Colonia GuadalupeColonia GuadalupeColonia GuadalupeColonia GuadalupeColonia Guadalupe

Colonia GuadalupeColonia GuadalupeColonia Guadalupe

Colonia GuadalupeColonia GuadalupeColonia GuadalupeColonia Guadalupe

So if you are ever in San Miguel de Allende be sure to visit the art district of Guadaloupe and get lost looking for the street art throughout the neighborhood. 

Guadalupe Street Art in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

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    1. LOve this post! Searching to street graffiti and murals are actually one of my favorite things to do in a city, so this was a fun post to read through! Thank you for sharing – looks like you’ve found some great city art!

    1. Oh wow the street art there is beautiful! Love all the bright colours and funky designs- thanks for sharing!

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