About Me

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I’m a dreamer

I’ve dreamt of seeing the world since I was a child. I devoured atlases and novels about the world, scanned photos for hours hoping that memorizing the snow covered mountaintops, the coasts where salt water meets sand, and the expansive fields of wildflowers would somehow find a reality in my brain. As I grew older I explored ways to make my dreams dance into fruition.

{ 2009 } The summer after graduating high school I traveled to Iquitos, Peru on a trip with my church. During this short trip, I became mesmerized by the country, the culture, and the language. Travel was even more than I imagined, it had seduced me.  After coming home, my thoughts became focused on how I could find a way to get my next travel fix.

{2010} I raised money to spend a summer working in Bali, Indonesia at a Chrisitan surf hostel. Here my lust for culture, people, and travel evolved into a love and a passion. My other love and future husband (we’ll call him B) pulled me back to Michigan where I finished my university degree in education, which would help support my future travel plans.

Watching the 2010 World Cup in Indonesia

{2014} I traveled to South Africa for a 6 week teaching abroad program where I lived with a host family and taught at a school in Capetown. I was able to go on lots of adventures, create life-long friendships and experience bounds of personal growth.

Table Mountain, Capetown, South Africa

Table Mountain, South Africa

{June 2016} B and I packed up all of our belongings and said goodbye to our home in Michigan for a 2-4 year expat opportunity in Mexico. I then headed off to Asia to teach at a learning center in Foshan, China and do some traveling in Japan and Cambodia. B headed to Mexico to start his new position and would be waiting for me to arrive after I finished teaching in China.

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My Students in Foshan, China

Tree Pose Yoga, Mt.Fuji Summit

Climbing Mt.Fuji, Japan

{2017} B and I are now living in San Luis Potosí, Mexico on an expat assignment for 2-4 years. It has always been our dream to live abroad and he worked really hard for us to get this opportunity. I am currently waiting on a visa and temporary residence so that I can start teaching here in San Luis. In the beginning, I had some extra time on my hands I decided to follow a lifelong dream and start this travel blog. 

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Pier covered in ice in Michigan lighthouse

B and I in our home state of Michigan

I chose Always a Gringa as my blog title as an embodiment of the joys and pains of always being a foreigner. While many of my posts will be about expat life in Mexico there will be many more tales to tell of our adventures in Latin America and wherever else we find an excuse to travel to. I hope you enjoy the blog and find some inspiration for your own gringa/o adventures!

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