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Travel and discovery knit itself into my being in my first days. Days after my birth I changed my residency and took my first flight to my true north, Michigan. While my body found itself in one place throughout my childhood years, discovery crept into my mind and molded my independence.

{ 2009 } The summer following my high school graduation I traveled with a group to Iquitos, Peru. This short trip gave me my first taste of international travel and upon return, it had me infatuated with how I would find myself in another country again. 


{2010} After my first year of college I found myself in Bali, Indonesia volunteering at a surf hostel. Here my love for culture, people, and travel evolved into a love and a passion. My other love and future husband (we’ll call him B) pulled me back to Michigan where I finished my university degree in education, which would help support my future travel plans.

Watching the 2010 World Cup in Indonesia

{2014} Following my college graduation I traveled to South Africa for a 6-week graduate teaching abroad program where I lived with a host family and taught at a local school in Capetown. It is here where I became interested in the roles of language and power in the education system both internationally and at home in the USA. I returned home to teach K-5 English Language Learners (ELL). 

Table Mountain, Capetown, South Africa

Table Mountain, South Africa

In {June 2016} B and I packed up all of our belongings and said goodbye to our home in Michigan for a 2-4 year expat opportunity in Mexico. I then flew to Asia for 7 weeks to teach at a learning center in Foshan, China and do some traveling in Japan and Cambodia. B headed to Mexico to start his new position in San Luis Potosí, Mexico. 

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My Students in Foshan, China

Tree Pose Yoga, Mt.Fuji Summit

Climbing Mt.Fuji, Japan

{August 2017} B and I have been living in San Luis Potosí, Mexico  for almost a year now. I am currently teaching English online and locally at Berlitz Language School. 

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Pier covered in ice in Michigan lighthouse

B and I in our home state of Michigan


I chose Always a Gringa as my blog title as an embodiment of the joys and pains of always being a foreigner (read more)While many of my posts will be about expat life in Mexico there will be many more tales to tell of adventures in Latin America and wherever else we find an excuse to travel to. I hope you enjoy the blog and find some inspiration for your own gringa/o adventures!


READ: Why I Don’t Mind Always Being a Gringa

 READ: What Does Gringo/a Mean Anyways?

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