Heidelberg Project Detroit

Detroit’s Heidelberg Project

The Heidelberg Project is a 30 year, two-block art creation that was started in 1986 by Tyree Guyton. It contains elements of recycled materials and found objects, most of which were salvaged from the streets of Detroit. Each work of art is carefully decided to tell a story about current issues plaguing society. It was developed in part as a political protest, as Tyree Guyton’s childhood neighborhood began to deteriorate after the 1967 riots. This constantly evolving work transformed a…

wall mural detroit

Detroit: A Photo Journal

"We've been considered many things: a city in decay, a city in distress and without hope. However, we have never given up and we never say die. We are born fighters, we rise from the ashes. We are a community that believes in our future despite whatever anyone throws against us. We are Detroit." - Fel3000ft Detroit has gotten a bad rap. People outside of Michigan (and some in the state) have a misconstrued idea of the Motor City, people often…


A Northern Michigan Adventure

I'll be back in my home state of Michigan for the month of April to finish some requirements for my graduate degree. After I booked my ticket I found out that the school district I will be working in actually has Spring Break the first week of April. This unplanned week quickly morphed into an impromptu trip with my sister to visit my brother and future sister-in-law in the Upper Peninsula of northern Michigan. My brother moved to Marquette, MI a few…

Salvation Mountain View

Salvation Mountain and Joshua Tree Roadtrip

“A journey is best measured in friends, rather than miles.” – Tim Cahill  My favorite thing about traveling are the friendships you make along the way. I met my soul sister on my first trip abroad. We met in 2011 at a surf hostel in Bali, Indonesia. We quickly bonded over our love for nutella and Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros.  I have always found it enchanting how traveling has the capability to bind people together or tear them apart. I have witnessed the remains of both…