A Northern Michigan Adventure

I'll be back in my home state of Michigan for the month of April to finish some requirements for my graduate degree. After I booked my ticket I found out that the school district I will be working in actually has Spring Break the first week of April. This unplanned week quickly morphed into an impromptu trip with my sister to visit my brother and future sister-in-law in the Upper Peninsula of northern Michigan. My brother moved to Marquette, MI a few…

jardin botanico

Visiting the Botanical Gardens of San Miguel de Allende

Jardín Botánico El Charco del Ingenio The botanical gardens are about 1.5 km Northeast of the main part of town in San Miguel de Allende. This 88-hectare (over 170 acres) space is not only a garden, but also a recreational and ceremonial space and a wildlife sanctuary. El Charco hosts an extensive botanical collection made up of cacti and other succulent plants, many of which are rare, threatened or in danger of extinction.  In 2004 El Charco del Ingenio was proclaimed a Peace…

Prayer Flags, Clouds, and Trail Map Mt.Fuji Japan

Once a Wise Man, Twice a Fool – Climbing Mt. Fuji

There is a Japanese proverb about climbing Mt. Fuji: “He who climbs Mt. Fuji is a wise man; he who climbs twice is a fool.” 「富士山に一度も登らぬバカ、二度登るバカ」 Growing up I remember playing with my mom's hiking stick from Mount Fuji. She shared her story of climbing Mount Fuji and told us of how special the hiking stick was to her, I imagine in an effort to get us to stop using it as a fighting stick. We learned that when she…