Latin America


Saya: Guanajuato, Mexico – Latin American Expat Series

I'm so stoked to announce the next guest on our Latin American Expat Series. Saya lives in Guanajuato, Mexico and I actually met her through Instagram! When I visited Guanajuato last month we were able to meet up in person and she gave me some insider tips on the best spots to eat and visit. Guanajuato is only around 2 1/2 hours from San Luis Potosí, so we have made some future travel plans for this summer. Saya is not…

World Cup Madness in Sao Paulo

Travel á la Tendelle: Brazil – Latin American Expat Series

Excited to introduce you to Tendelle from Travel a la Tendelle who is next on our Latin American Expat series! She has lived in both São Paulo and  Florianopolis Brazil with her work and has a lot of amazing experiences to share from her time as an expat. After Tendelle finished university she moved to New York city to start a full time career, first working as a management consultant then switched to being an analyst at a large media company.…

Chronic Wanderlust sitting on an airplane

Chronic Wanderlust: Colombia – Latin American Expat Blogger Series

  Next on our Latin American Expat Blogger Series is Viktoria from Chronic Wanderlust. She has a lot of experience in Latin America first as an exchange student in Venezuela, then as an intern in Mexico, and now living in Colombia for school. She writes about the best dive spots in Latin America as well as travels throughout Colombia. She also takes rad photos all around the world in a dirndl (a traditional Austrian dress).   Tell us about yourself and…