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Chronic Wanderlust: Latin American Expat Blogger Series

Next on our Latin American Expat Blogger Series is Viktoria from Chronic Wanderlust. She has a lot of experience in Latin America first as an exchange student in Venezuela, then as an intern in Mexico, and now living in Colombia for school. She writes about the best dive spots in Latin America as well as travels throughout Colombia. She also takes rad photos all around the world in a dirndl (a traditional Austrian dress).   Tell us about yourself and when…

Northern Lauren: Latin American Expat Blogger Series

This article is the first of a new series on Always a Gringa that features other gringas living as expats throughout Latin America. They will be sharing their experiences, encounters,  and thoughts on living in a Latin American country.  I'll be kicking off this series with Lauren Cocking from Northern Lauren. Lauren lives in Mexico City and blogs about Mexico travel, culture, food, and feminism. Her blog encompasses dreamy Mexican music playlists, reflections on living abroad, and guides to finding the best burgers,…