A Journey through Southern China in 21 Pictures

December 20, 2016

Hanging Ornaments Surrounded by Green Trees in Lingnan Tiandi
This summer I traveled to Foshan, a city in the Guangdong Province of China to teach at a language center.
While in China we had the opportunity to travel around some areas in the Guangdong province with our host. Some areas we visited include the Dialou Castles, the Ancestral Temple in Foshan, Guangzhou, and Xiamen city. I am fortunate to be able to visit areas of China that most travelers don’t have the opportunity to see.

Lingnan Tiandi in Foshan
Lingnan Tiandi is a city center in the middle of Foshan. Cobblestone streets interlace between vine covered buildings that lead you past small shops, restaurants, and parks. Foshan is famous for its ceramics and these shops are busting at the seams with beautifully carved ceramics and delicate teas sets. If you want to purchsase a tea set while in Foshan you will find the best quality here, but you must be willing to pay top dollar for it. They are quite expensive in this area. Lignan Tiandi is a unique spot where life feels like it slows down, which comes unheard of in China. If you are ever in Foshan I would recommend visiting Lingnan Tiandi for its small town charm in a bustling city.

Vine Covered wall in LIGNaN Tiandi, Foshan

Lamps in Lingnan Tiandi, Foshan

Lingnan Tiandi in Foshan

Lotus in Kiangping

Dialou Castles in Kianping

The Dialou Castles in Kianping

These Chinese “castles” have quite a compelling story. Read about the history here. 

A Chinese kitty in Kianping

Market in Xiamen

When we were living in the USA we used to host Air BNB guests in our home all year round. I loved hosting guests from all over the world and learning about our guests and their culture. We became close with many of our guests and like to stay in contact. A mother and daughter pair that stayed at our house happened to be a short flight from Foshan. So we took a few days to visit and explore in their home city of Xiamen, China. I love traveling with locals because you are able to achieve a greater understanding of the country. Plus they show you all the best spots!

Heart lock Wall in Xiamen

Cat Street in Xiamen


Waitress at a Cat Cafe in Xiamen

Kitty Sculptures on Cat Street in Xiamen
Buddhist Temple, Xiamen
Old men gambling in Foshan’s Ancestral Temple
Market in Xiamen

Nanfeng, Foshan
20160728-img_6823-1Tree in Nanfeng, Foshan
Ancestral Temple Ancestral Temple in Foshan
Water VillageFenG Jian Water Village

The Feng Jian Water Village is a local Venice of sorts. Canals braid throughout the small town and are speckled with small boats, swimming children, and fishing nets. There is much to see beside the canals. We also visited a beautiful buddhist temple and were lucky enough to hear the resounding chants of the monks. Heritage houses are also a must see in Feng Jian. You can visit and learn about the families that represent them.

DING DING (Our host’s dog)
Has anyone else visited Southern China? What is your favorite place you visited?
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    1. I love the photos. I only spent a couple of days in Guangzhou and Foshan. Xiamen and the rest of Fujian province is on my list definitely. Have you been to the southwest: Yunnan/Guangxi/Guizhou? To me that is one of the most awesome places in China.

      1. Unfortunately I spent most of my time in China in Foshan and was only able to visit Guangzhou and Xiamen. I would love to visit the southwest of China and would especially love to visit Tibet! Major bucket list item! How about you? How long were you in China and what areas were you able to visit?

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